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Reveal hidden worlds and thrilling details with the NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S Macro Lens from Nikon. This S-line macro lens provides a versatile 105mm focal length, a close working distance, and a true 1:1 reproduction ratio. It fills the frame with the edge-to-edge sharpness and exquisite color. Whether you're shooting wedding details, jewelry, food, flowers, products, nature, wildlife, or portraits, this professional lens takes your vision into the extraordinary.


Close-Up Capabilities

  • Ideal for macro and portrait shooting, this lens offers a life-size 1:1 maximum magnification along with a minimum focusing distance of 11.4" to suit working with close-up subjects.
  • L-Fn button for customization and 11.4 to 19.7" / 0.29 to 0.5m limiter switch for close focusing.
  • Telephoto prime designed for FX-format Nikon Z-mount cameras, however, can also be used with DX models where it provides a 157.5mm equivalent focal length.

Nikon NIKKOR Z MC 105mm F2.8 VR S

S$1,599.00 Regular Price
S$1,350.00Sale Price

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