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The SLR Revolution Story

Opened in 2009 at Funan IT Mall with humble beginnings, we set out to be a modern camera & lighting store with competitive prices, giving our customers a valued added experience with outstanding service.


We have since expanded to 2 retail outlets in central Singapore since the closure of Funan IT mall to reach out to our customers better. Our ever expanding list of brands continue to grow year by year with major camera brands on board with SLR Revolution from the start. We serve all levels from customers getting their first camera to established professionals needing to use cameras and lights in various industries and countries. Taking time to understand your needs and challenges that you might face is important to us and our staff with their in depth knowledge will be ready on hand to serve you. 


SLR Revolution is the preferred choice of many in Singapore when it comes to camera needs and we aim to always strive for the better.


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