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The Skyeye Magnetic Filter Starter Kit from Kase includes a protective UV filter with a built-in magnetic adapter ring, and a versatile circular polarizing filter. The magnetic adapter of the UV filter allows other filters to be quickly attached to or exchanged from the front of a lens much more quickly than using traditional threaded filters. Each filter is made of optical glass and features multicoating for optimal light transmission, and to reduce potential lens flare and glare. In addition, the glass surfaces feature resistance coating that reduces adhesion from oil, grease, and water droplets for easy cleaning, and also resists potential scratching and minor abrasions.

A UV filter reduces the amount of ultraviolet light that may enter a lens, reducing the bluish caste of ambient light. It is a clear filter that also provides a layer of protection to the front element of a camera lens. A circular polarizer filters rotates to organize light into more directional rays, reducing the glare of reflective surfaces, and to darken blue skies for improved outdoor photography.

Kase Skyeye Magnetic Filter Starter Kit


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