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The BOYA BY-M1LV is a ultra-compact, portable and easy to use 2.4GHz wireless microphone system that provides excellent quality audio for mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. Despite being a small microphone, The BY M1LV is also very versatile. The 2.4GHz wireless technology makes it possible to automatically hop channels to prevent static noise and audio dropouts, which will effectively solve the users’ concerns about audio quality when they are shooting videos. 

Another great point of BY-M1LV is that by introducing the Omni-directional pickup pattern which can be equally sensitive to sound at all angles. Imagining its pick up pattern as a perfect sphere and capturing crystal clear sound in all directions. This makes omnidirectional microphones ideal for studio recordings or vlogging where the objective is a natural, open sound. 


It should be noted that the BY-M1LV is especially designed for mobile phone vloggers, which means the users can just use their phone to gain good quality audio when shooting the videos. The BY-M1LV has two different versions that are designed for Iphone users and Android users respectively, the BY-M1LV-D and BY-M1LV-U. Meanwhile, with the features of plug and play, the BY-M1LV can be utilized with the users’ mobile phone by simply plugging the receiver to the devices, 

In fact, In terms of BY-M1LV’s features, the users actually can monitor their vocal recording anytime during vlogging or filmmaking. Because there is a 3.5mm jack pot on the transmitter which allows the ear return monitoring. Therefore, the users can easily control the voice, the tune, and their speaking speed and so on, which can effectively keep the perfect of the filmmaking process. 

Boya BY-M1LV-D/U 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone for Smartphone Vlogger (M1L


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